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Product Description


This model is structured to work with particularly heavy payloads and is suitable for use on racks up to Kg 1,000. The payload surface and beams are moulded together in a single shot.

My-P 600×800 data sheet  

83560029 Col-Black RPE 3 runners 600x800xh160

My-P 800×1200 data sheet 

83560001 Col-NeutralATX  PE - 800x1200xh150
83560002 Col-Black  RPE - 800x1200xh150
83560003 Col-NeutralATX  PE with borders 800x1200xh158
83560004 Col-Black  RPE with borders 800x1200xh158

My-P 1000×1200 data sheet

83560030 Col-Black  RPE 3 runners 1000x1200xh160

Additional Information

My P 600x800

Static capacity 2000kg – Dinamic capacity 1000 kg – Capacity on rack 500 Kg

My P 800x1200

Static capacity 4500kg – Dinamic capacity 1500 kg – Capacity on rack 800 Kg

My P 1000x1200

Static capacity 5000kg – Dinamic capacity 1500 kg – Capacity on rack 1000 Kg

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