Plastic Industrial Containers

Highest versatility of use

Variety of models to meet specific requirements in different industrial and commercial areas

Tailor-made solutions for storage and logistics

Not just containers but high-quality functional containers for handling and storing goods

Designed to be durable

The choice of materials used meets the need for a product that is also resistant to the attack of acids and corrosive agents

Our catalogue

Large containers

Cargopallet containers, made from polyolefin resins, are resistant to acids, hydrocarbons, alkalis and solvents.


Modular flooring provides a safe and durable base that can be used indoors and outdoors. Both grid and solid surface solutions are insulating.


Lightweight, strong, with a non-slip surface, the Martini Alfredo S.p.A. pallets can be handled on containers and conveyor belts.

Drawer cabinets and shelving

Everything in order and at your fingertips? It’s easy with Martini Alfredo S.p.A.’s systems for organising and filing warehouses and offices.

Multipurpose containers

This large family of containers ensures maximum versatility of use, with ad hoc solutions for specific handling and storage needs.

DET - Detectable Containers

Installations in the food manufacturing sector are normally equipped with detectors to ensure that there are no metals inside the processed and packaged products.

contenitori industriali

Martini Alfredo S.p.A., since 1945 we give space to your ideas.

Discover our story

The dynamism of research

Advanced technologies, rigorous testing, innovative materials: reliability and safety in all conditions of use.

Product flexibility

Ergonomic, modular, practical. For all kinds of business: commercial, services, industrial or craft.

Plastic second life certification PSV

The PSV mark certifies ecological compliance for recycled plastic from separate collection or industrial waste.

The logistics of efficiency and rapidity

Logistical heart the headquarters. A network of 13 warehouses throughout the country. Several local agents for the foreign market. The result: a capillary, efficient and punctual distribution.