80230206 Delta Mec Open 600x400xh400_ATX
80230206 Delta Mec Open 600x400xh400_ATX80230205 Delta Mec Open + fori drenaggio 600x400xh400_ATX


 29,55 exc. IVA


Product Description

Delta Mec 70 Open
This version is stackable and therefore suitable for the automatic installations,and offers as a plus the open side for easy picking of the goods.

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Delta Mec 70 Open

Delta Mec 70 Open 80230206 Grey RAL 7001 600x400xh400
Delta Mec 70 Open 80230205 Grey RAL 7001 600x400xh400 – with draining holes

Recyclable PP

Additional Information

Delta Mec 70 Open

External sizes 600x400xh400 – Internal sizes 565x360xh390 – Solid sides, solid cellular base, open handle

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