Delta Mec Fold 600x400xh320
Delta Mec Fold 600x400xh223Delta Mec Fold 600x400xh320Delta Mec Fold 600x400-coperchioDelta Mec Fold 600x400-chiusoDelta Mec Fold 600x400-fondi


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Product Description

Delta Mec Fold 600×400

Delta Mec Fold Containers are ideal in logistics and transport with return of empties. Easy to open and close, they are available in eight different versions with smooth or reinforced bottom and integrated cover.

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Delta Mec Fold 600×400 h223

83230001 Col-Greyral7001    Solid base 600x400xh223
83230002 Col-Greyral7001    Solid base and lid 600x400xh223
83230003 Col-Greyral7001    Reinforced base 600x400xh223
83230004 Col-Greyral7001    Reinforced base and lid 600x400xh223


Delta Mec Fold 600×400 h320

83230010 Col-Greyral7001    Solid base 600x400xh320
83230011 Col-Greyral7001    Solid base and lid 600x400xh320
83230012 Col-Greyral7001    Reinforced base 600x400xh320
83230013 Col-Greyral7001    Reinforced base and lid 600x400xh320


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