83560035-My-E-800x1200xh150-ATX83560036-My-E-800x1200xh150-IND83560037-My-E-800x1200xh157-ATX83560038-My-E-800x1200xh157-IND83560031-My-E-800x1200xh15083560032-My-E-800x1200xh15083560033-My-E-800x1200xh15783560034-My-E-800x1200xh15783560039 Pallet My-E 1000x1200h160_ATX83560040 Pallet My-E 1000x1200h160_IND83560041 Pallet My-E 1000x1200h160_ATX83560042 Pallet My-E 1000x1200h160_IND83560043 Pallet My-E 1000x1200 con barre_ATX83560044 Pallet My-E 1000x1200 con barre_IND83560045 Pallet My-E 1000x1200 con bordo e barre_ATX83560046 Pallet My-E 1000x1200 con bordo e barre_IND


 64,90 160,75 exc. IVA


Product Description



Heavy payloads. The My-E Pallets have the loading plate and the sleepers moulded
in one piece. The sleepers side wall are perfectly vertical.

My-E 800×1200  data sheet

83560031 Col-NeutralATX  PE - 800x1200xh150
83560032 Col-Black  RPE - 800x1200xh150
83560033 Col-NeutralATX  PE with border 800x1200xh157
83560034 Col-Black  RPE with border 800x1200xh157

My-E 800×1200 with three bars  data sheet

83560035 Col-NeutralATX  PE with three bar 800x1200xh150
83560036 Col-Black  RPE with three bar 800x1200xh150
83560037 Col-NeutralATX  PE with board and three bar 800x1200xh157
83560038 Col-Black  RPE with board and three bar 800x1200xh157

My-E 1000×1200 data sheet

83560039 Col-NeutralATX RPE - 1000x1200xh160
83560040 Col-Black PE - 1000x1200xh160
83560041 Col-NeutralATX RPE with border 1000x1200xh167
83560042 Col-Black PE with border 1000x1200xh167

My-E 1000×1200 with three bars data sheet

83560043 Col-NeutralATX PE with three bar 1000x1200xh160
83560044 Col-Black RPE with three bar 1000x1200xh160
83560045 Col-NeutralATX PE with board and three bar 1000x1200xh167
83560046 Col-Black RPE with board and three bar 1000x1200xh167

Accessories My-E 1000×1200

30827502 metal bar

Additional Information

My-E 800x1200

static capacity: 4000 kg – dynamic capacity: 1000 kg – capacity on rack: 500 kg

My-E 1000x1200

static capacity: 4500 kg – dynamic capacity: 1500 kg – capacity on rack: 800 kg

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