Many advantages, a unique quality


Martini Marinas studies and designs every structure with the same care, from the smallest pontoon to the most complex one.
Over the years, Martini Marinas has been synonymous with great quality, aesthetics and safety.


According to the audit and checks on production processes carried out by the SQS Certification Body, Martini Alfredo S.p.A. guarantees that its Martini Marinas floating pontoons are suitable for installation in marine, lake and river environments.


A complete picture of the harbour system since over forty-five years.
A broad experience in the design and production of floating or fixed pontoons, self-bearing or mobile gangways, mooring systems and all the equipment required for a safe, beautiful and reliable port


We have always had the ability to develop customised solutions for every pontoon and floating structure for every body of water, with more than 2,000 installations carried out in Italy and around the world, for sea, river and lake tourist marinas, either directly thanks to our team of experts or through the collaboration of local agents.

Less stress, more strength

The lightweight plastic float structure allows for moderate displacement, thereby minimising stress on the steel frame and mooring systems.

Respect for the natural habitat

Thanks to their very shallow draft and ecological materials, floating pontoons do not interfere with currents and aquatic fauna.

Wave-proof reliability

Many floating modules, distributed over a large surface area, ensure the rapid damping of wave-induced rocking.


Martini Marinas floating pontoons require very little maintenance and maintain a constant hydrostatic buoyancy over time.


Sturdy and silent

Martini Marinas pontoons and fingers benefit from special silent nylon bearings.

10-year warranty

Martini Marinas floating thermoplastic resin systems enjoy a 10-year warranty.


All Martini Marinas floating pontoon units are available in modules of 6, 8, 10 and 12 metres in length.


Study, development and testing


Martini Marinas studies and designs customised systems to guarantee the best possible solutions.


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A complete picture of the harbour system

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