Mooring Systems

Martini Marinas range includes several state-of-the-art mooring solutions for a safe harbour.

Thanks to our technologies, we are now able to connect any point, even the most difficult ones, to the floating docks.

Our method

A preliminary analysis is essential for a correct installation of the system, starting with the choice of mooring. In-depth, customised studies are required for each installation, location and climatic condition.

Our team of experts will travel to the site to carry out direct inspections that will provide fundamental data for the positioning of the anchors.

Specific information provided by the client on the depth and shape of the seabed, range, wind speed and nature of the incoming wave motion will be taken into account.

Other factors to be taken into account are the sizes of the boats that will use the marina.

From here the evaluation of the best system and its sizing will start.

Mooring is carried out using galvanised steel chains and concrete sinkers blocks, or by means of vertical poles driven into the seabed, with rugged guide rings for vertical sliding.

To place a pontoon parallel to the bank, Martini Marinas offers two solutions: spacer rods or a self-supporting sliding system of great stability.

The advantages are many: quick installation, easy retrieval of spare parts, and a maintenance program.
The experience gained from so many works ensures the client the safest and most efficient anchorage system.

We are an organisation with more than 45 years of experience in designing and manufacturing the floating jetties and the equipment expressly intended for the marinas.

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