Breakwaters are installed after accurate direct surveys to protect facilities in the harbour from waves.

They are truly durable and resistant protections, various sizes are available according to the different applications.

Stability and protection are the real plus of these barriers, which can be equipped with electrical and water supply services on request.

Martini Marinas offers floating breakwaters with a special differential volume system, the result of careful hydraulic experimentation with and fast installation. Their catamaran-like structure counteracts the wave motion by effectively dissipating its energy.

The environmental impact is very low as the breakwaters are designed not to interfere with sea currents.
Furthermore, they do not damage the seabed and their shape does not spoil the aesthetics of the installation site.

In order to choose the right kind of wave attenuator to ensure adequate protection of inland waters, it is necessary to know the site’s marine weather data.

Our technical team will guide the client towards the best configuration of the breakwaters to effectively protect the harbour from wave surges.

Martini Marinas has realised more than 2000 installations in Italy and abroad, all solutions are strictly followed by the research and testing centre.

Quality tests and trials ensure the excellence of the system, its safety and a long service life.

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