The solid technological expertise of Martini Marinas gives rise to a wide range of customised structures.


Thanks to the dialogue with the customer, bespoke applications specifically designed to meet particular needs are developed each time.
All of this is made possible thanks to the experience gained in over 45 years of job orders and a great passion for the sea.

Martini Marinas structures are designed to last over time and to fit in with the surrounding environment, without overwhelming it.

Some examples of customised applications

These are just some of the special applications that Martini Marinas designs to make life in marinas easier and to guarantee high-value services.


Walkable or cycle path. Customizable in materials and dimensions.

Floating platforms:

designed and manufactured in different sizes, mostly for bathing and sunbathing, up to 12m x 12m.

Fuel station:

safe and legally compliant, customisable as required.

Fish-farming plant:

practical and safe, of various sizes for fish breeding.

Solarium platform

To ensure safe access to beaches and boats. Made to measure, keeping in mind the surrounding natural environment.

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