da 5,30 – 6,30 – 7,30 – 8,30 – 10,30 M standard sizes


There are different types of mooring systems for boats, the most commonly used being fingers or mini-fingers.

These structures are invaluable allies in rough seas and tidal irregularities.

The choice of the finger will facilitate the passage of passengers and ease their entry into the boat.

Another important plus concerns mooring maneuvers, which, thanks to these systems, will become easier and faster, optimizing the port area.

The models

Martini Marinas fingers ensure high safety and comfort standards. Attached to the pontoons by means of joints knee, the minifingers are walkable, designed to allow docking, mooring and access to boats.

Their small size means that the footprint on the marina is minimal.

Models up to 6.30 m are adjustable to optimise berthing arrangements.

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The minifinger makes mooring and docking easier, being narrower it cannot be walked on. It is mainly used to subdivide berths.
Lengths can be 4.50 or 6 metres, while width is always 0.37 metres.


Finger and Minifinger are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions such as tropical heat and harsh winters.

The materials used for the frame and the structure are of high quality and give the mooring system a long life.


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