Middle jetties easily fit any marina configuration. They are the most versatile series for both protected ports and slightly open waters.


Middle 270, Middle 240, Middle 170:
Suitable for all ports

All floating structures are made according to the AIPCN recommendations. Each frame is equipped with eye-bolts made by means of solid steel rod Ø 25 mm, protected against marine corrosion by hot dip zinc-plated process.

The contiguous modules are connected by joint knees 590 kN (60 tons) failure strength, working on polyamide self-lubricating bearings. Joint cover is mounted above the joint knees.


The buoyancy is provided by floating elements made of polyolefin resin, injection molded, self-extinguishing expanded cell polystyrene, closed cell, with CE marking in compliance with applicable European Directives and Regulations, assembled by means of marine alloy profile in groups of 4 units (3 units in Middle 240jetties and 2 units in Middle 170jetties).


Jetties are supplied with double rows of fenders on the long sides, injection-molded by copolymer polypropylene or other polyolefin resin, U.V. resistant.
All for sunlight resistance and elastomer to improve impact resistance, and are attached to the frame by bolts.


The mooring rings of each module are made in hot moulded steel, and the deck consists of full deck or with service ducts.
Jetties structure allow easy access to the part below, in which electrical and plumbing systems can be added.



Middle 270


Middle 240


Middle 170


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