Low free board to facilitate the access to canoes, kayaks, etc.; the specifically designed floating beams allow a quick and easy alignment of boat at the starting line.


Sport 240:
Designed for rowers

The modules are made according to the AIPCN recommendations for the pleasure harbours.

The supporting structure consists of beams and current headers made of HEB 100 profile, and the frame has anchor eyebolts made of Fe 360 B steel.
The connection between the jetty modules is provided by joint knees and working on fiberglass-filled polyamide bearings.


Floating elements made of polyolefin resin, mounted with marine alloy joists in groups of three units, protect the buoyancy of the jetty.
The long side fenders compose a continuous line of defense and, thanks to the black-colored antibump resins, will not affect the boats.


To complement the Sport 240 jetty, Martini Alfredo S.p.A. designed a special adjustable alignment slide, an ideal solution for the starting line of different types of crews.


The resin slatted deck is a safe, durable and extremely strong solution: splinter-free, non-slip and antifungal. The slats that are used for Martini Alfredo S.p.A. jetties have a radiant section that dissipates heat accumulated under sunlight, do not require maintenance and maintain the same coloring even over the years.



Sport 240


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